On November 6, 2012, voters in the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills areas between Griffith Park and the 405 Freeway, were asked to vote on Measure HH which will provide funding to the MRCA for protecting and maintaining local open space and wildlife corridors, parklands, fire prevention, ranger safety patrols and clean water within the East Santa Monica Mountains / Hollywood Hills Area of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Zone.

Measure HH was approved by 76.18% of the voters.

Map of Measure HH boundary area..Only voters in this area cast a vote on Measure HH. All funds raised by Measure HH can only be spent in this boundary area.

Measure HH will:

· Maintain and protect local open space, parklands, and wildlife corridors and the Mulholland Drive scenic overlooks

· Prevent additional traffic and preserve open space in the hillsides and canyons

· Improve local fire prevention services, including crews to clear dry brush and eliminate other fire hazards

· Maintain and improve park ranger safety and security patrols to prevent crime and vandalism

· Improve local water quality by keeping pollution and trash out of local creeks and reservoirs.

Beginning in fiscal year 2013-2014, property owners in the East Santa Monica Mountains/Hollywood Hills area from Griffith Park to the 405 Freeway will be assessed $24 per year on their regular property tax bill to allow the MRCA improve the public safety, fire prevention, and open space protection services that the agency provides in this area.

  • Every penny raised by Measure HH will stay in the Measure HH District boundary

  • A Citizen’s Oversight Committee will conduct annual audits to ensure the funds are spent properly and only within the subject East Santa Monica Mountains / Hollywood Hills Area District.

Map of Potential Acquisiton Areas

George Lange, Chair
  Jerome C. Daniel, Vice-Chair
  Larry Peterson
  Jim Hasenauer
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