Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Open Space Fundraising Drive

Mail tax deductible checks to:
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority or MRCA
Attention: Paul Edelman
5810 Ramirez Canyon Road
Malibu, CA 90265
Please include note with check: Laurel Canyon and Mulholland

Maps and Photographs:
Laurel Mulholland wildlife corridor.pdf
Laurel Mulholland Trail Graphic.pdf
Laurel Mulholland Property Overview
Laurel Mulholland Locations for Park Naming.1
Laurel Mulholland Locations for Park Naming.2

Private donations are still needed to secure the remaining lots. All donations will be directly applied toward option payments or direct purchase of the remaining private lots at Laurel Canyon and Mulholland.  Donations to MRCA are tax deductible.  Please see below for information on how to contribute to the permanent protection of this vital open space.

Make your donation via Credit Card or check.

Help Preserve this Beautiful, Visible Open Space!
The immediate help of you and all of your most financially able contacts is crucial to maintain control of the property.  Please help get all community members to assist in this effort. If an additional option period is not secured by this round of fundraising, every penny of new money will be promptly returned to every donor. 

All contributions to the MRCA are tax deductible
and apply towards the purchase price.  A letter confirming the receipt of any funds will be sent via  U.S. mail to every donor within three days of receiving the donation.

The only thing to lose is this wild land.

Donation instructions to the MRCA by check or credit card--any amount accepted!

Once paid for in full, the subject six acres, comprised of six legal lots, will be permanent public open space managed by the MRCA. The site can be linked by a trail to Laurel Canyon Community Park via the Mulholland Drive right-of-way. The aerial photographs (see links above) show the proposed trail alignment, the site’s relationship to surrounding public lands, and the property's importance as part of a wildlife corridor across Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The property contains a small year-round spring, and the whole ownership can be restored to beautiful oak woodland over time.

Naming rights for the property are also available. Locations for potential permanent park naming signs are shown on the above links.

Questions? Contact:
Paul Edelman
MRCA Chief of Natural Resources and Planning
310-589-3200 ext. 128 or
Diane Sacks
Staff Services Assistant
310-589-3200 ext. 122 or

The Committee to Save Laurel Canyon and Mulholland can be reached at:


George Lange, Chair
  Jerome C. Daniel, Vice-Chair
  Larry Peterson
  Jim Hasenauer
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