Malibu Parks Public Access Enhancement Plan—Public Works Plan

Final Malibu Parks Public Access Plan—Public Works Plan (8.25.10) Part One

Final Malibu Parks Public Access Plan—Public Works Plan (8.25.10) Part Two

Engineering Plans Submitted to the California Coastal Commission with Public Works Plan:

Note: Please download flies to your system to open. These are very large files that have been compressed. With some operating systems you might receive an an error message. If so, click "ok" and then download the file to your system and it will open normally.

PWP_01 PWP_02 PWP_03 PWP_04 PWP_05 PWP 06 PWP 07 PWP 08

PWP 09 PWP_10 PWP_11 PWP_12 PWP_13 PWP_14 PWP_15 PWP_16

PWP_17 PWP_18 PWP_19 PWP_20 PWP_21 PWP_22 PWP_23 PWP_24

PWP_25 PWP_26 PWP_27 PWP_28 PWP_29 PWP_30 PWP_31 PWP_32

PWP_33 PWP_34 PWP_35 PWP_36 PWP_37 PWP_38 PWP_39 PWP_40

PWP_41 PWP_42 PWP_43 PWP_44 PWP_45 PWP_46 PWP_47 PWP_48

PWP_49 PWP_50 PWP_51 PWP 51A PWP_52 PWP_52A PWP_53 PWP_54

PWP_55 PWP_56 PWP_57 PWP_58 PWP_59 PWP_60 PWP_61 PWP_62


PWP_PH2_04 PWP_PH2_05 PWP_PH2_06 PWP_PH2_07 PWP_PH2_08

PWP_PH2_45 PWP_PH2_46 PWP_PH2_47 PWP_PH2_48 PWP_PH2_49


If you have any trouble opening these files please contact Dash Stolarz

George Lange, Chair
  Jerome C. Daniel, Vice-Chair
  Larry Peterson
  Jim Hasenauer
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